Architecture and Development

We put true focus on our design process, refurbish, decorate and property manage.

High standard rooms for rent

Our Projects
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The process

Design the property changes

Redesign the property to create the best efficient layout, according with the local HMO guideline and requirements.

Obtain the required approval, and work closely with local authorities, council and HMO license department.

Refurbish and renovate the property

Refurbish the house into the higher standard with increasing the value and rent potential.

Manage ourself the property refurbish, working close to a friendly renovation power team: builders, electrical, plumbers, plasters etc..

Refurbishing Gallery
Smart technology

We are using smart tech solution for each our property.

Key less lock - access by fob, code or phone

Nest Thermostat, fix on the wall, with pin

CCTV, IN/OUT also for a tenant access

Manage the properties

Advert the property on the market, to possess and manage the tenants for it: only professional working.

Our main strategy is to make a conftable place of living. Good size bedrooms, each ensuite (toilet, sink and shower). Soundproof the walls and ceilings. Brad new furniture in modern style, with quality memory foam mattress.

Our Properties
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